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An introduction to the Iceberg approach – Click here to start

Introduction to Iceberg

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A key to self-awareness and self-mastery

Our values and beliefs aren’t just interesting things about us. They directly impact the results we achieve because they inform our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Our values and beliefs are something we form early in life. They tend to be fairly stable and don’t change unless we question them and make an effort to grow and change.
Even if you don’t want to change your values and beliefs you can change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Understanding that our internal (and mostly subconscious) drives our external, is important. In so many situations, our Iceberg will shape how we react. This is especially true when we are under pressure.
People who have a high level of self-awareness know how their thoughts and feelings will influence their behaviour. People who have achieved self-mastery can adapt their thinking, emotions, and behaviour to get consistently better results.
In many of our e-learning topics we will talk about the Iceberg. For example if you have to have a tough or courageous conversation with someone, or you are dealing with conflict, knowing your iceberg will help you navigate this and get the best possible outcome.

3 Takeaways

  • Our internal drives our external
  • Values and Beliefs impacts results
  • Change is always possible