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People Management

Working towards amazing

Solid People Management, leads to excellent services, which leads to amazing lives.

Between us, our consultants have managed teams of two to two thousand. So, whether it’s an immediate issue like having a tough conversation with a worker, or dealing with a workplace incident, to long term culture setting – you’ve come to the right place!

People management we can help with

Investigating workplace incidents: breaches of code of conduct, suspected bullying and harassment, or other serious workplace issues.

Setting up, reviewing, and streamlining people management systems; policies, procedures, staff handbooks, role descriptions, recruitment and selection resources, performance development and appraisal systems, remuneration and payroll advice.

Leadership development; coaching, and professional development for your leaders to build their confidence and skills to get the best from their teams

Industrial relations advice; what to do when people aren’t performing.

Developing people management skills for the long term

We know that when things get tough, you want clear, practical, calm, and well-informed advice.

Our consultants are experienced and stay up-to-date with legal requirements.

We’ll also make sure we build your skills to be ready for the next challenge.


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