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Quality Management

Quality Management Systems that Create Harmony

Think of your overall quality management system as the conductor of an orchestra. In this way, everyone knows their role and the directions are clear.

We love creating practical systems that just make sense, not bulky manuals that sit in a drawer collecting dust.

Building a Quality Management System Together

We start by understanding your services, compliance obligations and policies required to deliver a system that has purpose, clear instructions and responsibilities – to provide the right foundations from which you can grow.

Quality Checks

We can help you to develop quality check tools, which will be easy to use and integrated into your management system. We also offer a health check service. Whether it’s making sure you meet your compliance obligations or measuring KPI’s, we’ve got you covered.

Customer and Staff Satisfaction

All feedback is a gift that unwraps knowledge to improve. For some funders, it’s also a requirement.

When was the last time you checked in with your customers, or your staff about their level of satisfaction?

We can consult with your stakeholders and report back to you with recommendations.

We utilise online survey tools (we provide a link for you to include on your website/newsletters and report back every 6 months), phone interviews and focus groups – tailoring questions to suit you, maintaining confidentiality and measuring against key performance areas.

Feedback is knowledge, and knowledge is power

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