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With 25 years’ experience in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations across for profit and for purpose industries. Steve can take complex legislative requirements and obligations and make them easier to understand. Our clients appreciate Steve’s calm and reassuring ability to get them through overwhelming (and downright scary) situations when it comes to managing tricky people stuff.

Katrina Armstrong
Senior Consultant and Director

Katrina is a versatile executive leader, adept at developing effective governance and operational management practices for organisations of all sizes.

Nicole Weber
Senior Consultant and Director

An engaging strategic and operational facilitator, and skilful coach to Boards, front-line leaders, and teams.

Sue Doyle
Associate Consultant – Best practice specialist, Registered Nurse & Policy Expert

Sue has expertise in both policy and practice, specifically person-centred practice.

Ash Jut
HR & Project Support

Ash brings an eye for detail, solutions-thinking and positive energy to our team and clients.

Kieren Jut
Project Officer

Kieren is a multi-talented and innovative professional who elevates team efforts with his creative flair and positive attitude.